2 Pack Contemporary Red Vinyl Adjustable Height Barstool with Curved Back & Chrome Base by Flash Furniture


What We Like about this Item

  • Unique Red Color
  • Shiny and Modern Looking Chrome Base
  • Pack of 2 – More bang for you buck!
  • Features an embedded plastic ring to help protect floors.


  • Pack of 2: Bring a splash of vibrant color as well as some mid-century modern style to your space with this adjustable barstool. This fashionable stool is not only on-trend but is supremely comfortable making it easy for your guests to get comfortable

If you are looking for something a little different this red adjustable height, curved back barstool is the perfect choice. This stool stands out with a curvaceous frame and stylish line stitching throughout the vinyl upholstery and will make an attractive statement in your home. The height adjustable swivel seat adjusts from counter to bar height with the handle located below the seat.

The chrome footrest supports your feet and relieves pressure from your legs while also providing a contemporary chic design. The chrome pedestal brings a sleek and shiny look that suits both casual home bars and formal dining spaces. To help protect your floors, the base features an embedded plastic ring.

Data from Amazon 2/2/22. Pricing, availability and product info may have changed. Please check Amazon for latest info.